Natasha Solomons

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Born in 1980, Natasha Solomons is the author of Mr Rosenblum's List and The Novel in the Viola (published as The House at Tyneford in the US), which was a Richard & Judy Summer Read, and also writes screenplays with her husband. Mr. Rosenblum's List is currently being adapted for film.

The Gallery of Vanished Husbands tells the story of young mother Juliet Montague, whose wayward husband George disappears on the eve of her birthday leaving her and her two small children behind in 1950’s Jewish suburbia. In the wake of George’s sudden absence, Juliet feels alienated from her conservative community, almost as if she’s disappearing herself...

But when she sets out for town on her thirtieth birthday, determined to buy a refrigerator, a chance sighting of a painting changes not only her shopping list but her life, as her keen and instinctive eye for a good portrait leads her in to London’s lively post-war art scene and towards Max, a reclusive, troubled war artist without a war. Natasha Solomons’ utterly absorbing new novel follows Juliet’s passionate and inspirational journey from the confines of her community to the vibrancy of 1960s London, the verdant woods of Dorset and the sunny beaches of California, as her new life emerges. Yet Juliet remains an outsider in all worlds: she knows that until she solves the riddle of her husband’s disappearance she can never truly be free, and her quest to uncover the truth leads to a surprising discovery...

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