Raymond Khoury

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Raymond Khoury was born in Beirut in 1960 growing up in a country torn apart by religious conflict and civil war. In 1984 soon after completing his Masters in Architecture unrest again erupted in the Lebanon. Raymond Khoury’s family had already fled the city but with phone lines down and contact broken with the outside world they believed Raymond may be dead. It was while watching news footage of the evacuation by American Marine helicopters that they spotted Raymond fleeing the carnage and the family were soon reunited.

Eventually Raymond Khoury found his way to London and after working in banking and then real estate development he finally turned to screenwriting. Since then Khoury has built an international reputation in film and television writing, with such series as Spooks and Waking the dead to his name.

In 1996 Khoury came up with an idea for a screenplay called The last templar, based around the secret behind the Templar Knights and the origins of the Christian church. He was persuaded that it would make a great novel and after numerous disappointments and battles with publishers (turning down a massive advance so he could keep his original storyline) The last templar was released in 2005. At its heart lies a battle of faith: a believer and a sceptic both searching for the truth and discovering that it lies in what unites the great faiths of the world not what divides them.

The last templar was one of the biggest hits of 2006, it was a bestseller across a string of countries and sold half a million copies in the UK alone. Raymond’s other highly acclaimed novels are The sanctuary, the sign, The templar salvation and his latest novel The devil's elixir.

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