Guest of Honor

For the 14th edition of Le livre sur les quais, the festival welcomes Romania as the guest of honor!


Romania, a country at the crossroads of Slavic, Western, Byzantine and Eastern influences, is an authentic land where the long valleys of the Wallachian plains mingle with the wild mountains of the Carpathians. A country of many reliefs, with a history filled with myths and legends, Romania is a land of imagination and creativity.


This is a great opportunity for the public to discover a body of literature that is astonishing in its creativity and diversity, as well as in the accuracy of its tone and its keen insight into Romanian society. From Mircea Cărtărescu and Cristian Fulaș to Matei Vișniec and Dana Grigorcea, Romanian literature has become increasingly important since the fall of Ceaușescu's regime, and French translations are constantly on the rise.


Le livre sur les quais offers to shine a light on this body of literature which promises great discoveries. To do so, we are glad to welcome:

Gabriela AdameşteanuRaluca AntonescuRamona BădescuRadu BataJean-Louis CourriolFlorica CourriolEugèneCrisitan FulaşDana GrigorceaRadu IoanidMarius Daniel PopescuSimona Sora and Ion Vianu.